Projects in Development Spring 2020

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Science Fiction Novel

The next book by D.H. DHAENENS is currently under development. Currently its in the third stage of editing.

Slice of Life Comic

The next slice of life comic is in development. Claire is working with a new toolset and hopes to reveal the first pages soon.

Vade Mecum series By D.H. DHAENENS

Magic recently returned to the modern world. For now only few people have an inkling of how it works. One of them is the world's leading magical researcher Atze Furcifer, but he'd prefer you leave him a voicemail so he can continue ignoring you...

Join the grumpy mage on his quest to get a hot cup of tea and avoid another nasty adventure.

Furcifer's Pride

The world’s leading magic researcher returns to civilisation after years lost in the wilderness with a bag full of research and pocket full of attitude to annoy his dean and stumble back into the lecture room.

Asa's Blessing

Magic empowers, protects and improves lives. Some knowledge is so dark and troubling, it should remain buried six feet under.

Kaoru's Chaos

It’s not like it’s the end of the world, maybe just the magic. Will it be a little green man from another world or government oversight?

Pipe Null series By Claire Blackshaw

Collections of slice of life doodles documenting and proving the old saying, "Truth is Stranger than Fiction". Removing the names to protect the innocent, guilty and outright bizarre. We hope these let you glimpse into fresh perspectives.

Game Dev | NULL

This is a collection of true accounts, washed and anonymised for you, a cathartic telling from me and my friends in the industry. I’ve tried to balance the humorous absurd with the dark. In my development doodles I hope to show you not the day to day but the unusual moments.