Furcifer's Pride by D.H.DHAENENS

Book One of the Vade Mecum series

The world’s leading magic researcher returns to civilisation after years lost in the wilderness with a bag full of research and pocket full of attitude to annoy his dean and stumble back into the lecture room. Furcifer finds more than he left behind in his alma mater, as he tries to find balance back among people who won’t be driven away by his short fuse and burning wit.

Fresh new faces and a mystery quickly pull him by his fiery hair and temper to lure him into unwrapping the mystery of a recently uncovered artefact. Mystery, muggers, drive bys and murder leave a bloody bread crumb trail to follow. Though when things take a turn for the unexpected Furcifer might find he has more in common with his friends and enemies than he planned for.

Join the grumpy mage on his quest to get a hot cup of tea and avoid another nasty adventure.

Vade Mecum - Book 1
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